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Maryland Living: Good Things To Know

County Veterans Commissions and Data

The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs has identified numerous local veteran commissions, work groups and councils.  If your County provides local services to military service members and veterans, and you do not see your commission or council represented, please contact the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Outreach Director, Dana Burl, at    Anne Arundel  Read More…

Outdoor Living: Natural Resources Wounded Warrior and Veteran Outreach Program

Department of Natural Resources Wounded Warrior and Veteran Outreach Program From the mountains of Western Maryland to the sandy beaches of Assateague, the Maryland Park Service is proud to offer wonderful recreational opportunities for our wounded warriors, veterans and their families to enjoy.  With 72 State Parks, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources provides activities  Read More…

Are you struggling financially? The MD Veterans Trust Fund may be able to help.

Overview of Maryland Veterans Trust Fund   The Maryland Veterans Trust Fund is a 501c3 organization designed to assist with non-emergency, temporary financial challenges facing veterans or widows/widowers of veterans.  The fund’s design cannot support chronic, long term financial hardship.  It is mostly used to assist with rent/mortgage payments and utility bills.  The trust cannot  Read More…

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