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Information for Veterans Seeking Employment, State Government Jobs, Military Service Credits

Are you ready to search for a job?  that next career? 

Visit the Maryland Workforce Exchange to begin your search.

Do you need one on one assistance as you search for a job?  that next career?

If so, contact the Maryland Department of Labor for individualized support.

Are you in the National Guard or Reserve Component and searching for a job?  that next career? 

Contact the MD National Guard Transition Assistance Advisor, Pierre Thomas at 410-576-2994

Maryland State Government Careers for Veterans

Maryland State Government appreciates the value of the experience you gained while serving our country.  This page contains resources Maryland provides to returning veterans – employment opportunities, veteran services, upcoming events and more.

Am I eligible for veteran’s credit?

Article – State Personnel and Pensions §7–207.

(2)    (i)   An appointing authority shall apply a credit of ten points on any selection test for:

1.   an eligible veteran;
2.   the spouse of an eligible veteran who has a service connected disability; or
3.   the surviving spouse of a deceased eligible veteran.

(ii)   An appointing authority shall apply a credit of two additional points on any selection test for a former prisoner of war

(g) Credit of five points on selection test.  An appointing authority shall apply a credit of five points on a selection test for an individual disability, as defined by the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

Am I eligible to be a certified disabled veteran?  

​In accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, State Personnel and Pensions, Section 7–203, if a manager elects to hire from a certified list of disabled veterans, who have served in any U.S. Armed Forces branch, candidates may be selected for employment without a competitive selection process.

To qualify, candidates must: be minimally qualified for the position; be able to perform the duties of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation; and present documentation issued by an appropriate department of the Federal government certifying the existence and extent of the veteran’s disability as listed below.
  • Documentation of being on an U.S. Armed Forces permanent disability list with a disability rating of at least 30%
  • Have been rated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as having a compensable service-connected disability of at least 30%.
The veteran is not qualified for this option if he/she holds a permanent appointment or has mandatory reinstatement rights to a permanent appointment.
For Certified Disabled Vet consideration, please complete the free names application process for Certified Disabled Veterans (DV) within our Maryland State Online Employment Center.
Are you a Maryland State Government Employee and you also served in the military? 
See below for how your military service may be applied towards service in State Government.

State Service Credit for Military Service



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