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Local Property Tax Benefits

The following local jurisdictions have enacted laws providing for property tax exemptions.  These exemptions may slightly different from the State of Maryland.  Please note, this list may not be all inclusive as the MD Department of Veterans Affairs relies on outreach to learn of local ordinances and laws which may pertain to veterans and/or surviving spouses.  Tax changes may be made by local governments during the calendar year that our Department is not aware of.  Contact your local Finance Office to learn more about local property tax credits.

Anne Arundel County

Baltimore County

See Section 11-2-106 of the Baltimore County Code for information on exemptions for veterans and surviving spouses.

Calvert County

Calvert County grants a real property tax refund for certain veterans.  Learn more here.

Cecil County

The Senior/Military Tax Credit may provide tax exemptions to veterans and surviving spouses.  Learn more here.

Frederick County

Tax Credit Instructions/Tax Credit Application

Harford County

See Harford County Council Bill 17-021 and the Senior Citizen and Veteran Tax Credit Rules and Regulations

Howard County

Created in 2017, the Aging-in-Place Tax Credit is geared toward helping older residents living on fixed incomes stay in Howard County as they age. To be eligible, a County property owner must be either: at least 65 years old and have lived in the same dwelling for the last 40 years; OR, be at least 65 years old and a retired member of our Armed Forces. This tax credit is equal to 20 percent of the eligible County tax on the lesser of either the assessed value of the property or $500,000 reduced by the Homestead Tax Credit assessment. This credit may be granted for up to five years as long as the property owners remains qualified.

Montgomery County

On March 7, 2017 the Montgomery County Council passed Bill 42-16.

Washington County

Washington County Disabled Veterans Tax Credit Program Application

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