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Maryland Business Financing Programs

The Maryland Department of Commerce offers a number of financing programs to assist the state’s business community. Specific financing programs for small business clients include the following:

  • Community Development Block Grant Program- dispersed to a local jurisdiction in the form of a conditional grant and then used for public improvements or loaned to a business
  • Maryland Economic Adjustment Fund- assists business entities in the state with modernization of manufacturing operations, development of commercial applications for technology, and exploring and entering new markets
  • Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority- provides financing for small businesses that are not able to qualify for financing from private lending institutions or owned by socially and economically disadvantaged persons
  • Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority and Fund- provides assistance to the business community and political jurisdictions with five financing capabilities
  • Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority- encourages private sector financing in economic development projects located in Priority Funding Areas
  • Maryland Venture Fund- makes direct investments in technology and life science companies and indirect investments in venture capital funds.

Visit the Maryland Department of Commerce website for more information about these programs.

Source: Maryland Department of Commerce

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