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Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans

Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans is a program within the Maryland Department of Health devoted to total wellness for veterans and their families.  Regional resource coordinators provide assistance to veterans and their families to support a healthy transition to civilian life.  With support from the Behavioral Health Administration, they provide a solid connection to wellness services, with an emphasis on mental health and substance use disorder services. They are positioned throughout the state to act as a point of contact for any veterans and/or family members as well as community providers who are seeking resource information on behalf of a veteran.

Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans offers information and referrals to community resources and assists a veteran while they navigate the various resource options available to them within the local community as well as the Veterans Affairs. Coordinators are available to answer questions, address concerns, or help with any obstacle a veteran and family might face.

Coordinators are able to provide a variety of educational programs to the community and community partners in order to improve the awareness, and understanding of veteran behavioral health, wellness and resources.

For more information visit the Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans website.

To connect to a regional resource coordinator, call the Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans referral line at 1-877-770-4801.

Source: Maryland’s Commitment to Veterans


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