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MDVA Cemetery Program Changes


Effective October 29, 2018 the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs Cemetery Program has implemented the following changes to policy and interment costs for all five (5) Maryland State Veterans Cemeteries:

  • Burial Costs: The opening/closing  cost will be $780.00 for casketed or cremated interment for all eligible dependents of the veteran.  Please note that veteran interments will continue to be at NO cost to the veteran.
  • Disinterment Costs: $780.00 disinterment cost for casketed or cremated veteran and dependents remains unchanged.
  • Liner Costs: The liner cost for eligible dependents continues to be included in the cost of burial.  A liner is provided to the veteran at no cost.

The burial of an eligible dependent will be equal to the burial plot allowance provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for burial of a veteran in a State Veterans’ Cemetery.  The cost will be subject to change yearly (October 1) when the burial plot allowance could be adjusted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  

Visit the MDVA Cemetery Program for more information on Maryland’s five state veterans cemeteries.

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