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MDVA Hosts Dignified Burial Ceremonies For Unaccompanied Veterans

For immediate release: CORRECTED
January 27, 2022
Contact: Dana Burl, Outreach Director, MDVA
Phone: 443-853-0322

Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs To Hold Dignified Burial Ceremonies For Unaccompanied Veterans

The Cemetery Program is honored to be a final resting place for veterans who honorably served our nation

ANNAPOLIS, MD—The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) today announced two dignified burial ceremonies for unaccompanied veterans who honorably served our nation.  The first of two ceremonies will be Friday, January 28 at 2:30pm, at Crownsville Veterans Cemetery, located on Sunrise Beach Road in Crownsville.  A second ceremony will be Friday, February 4 at 1:00pm, at Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery, located on Garrison Forest Road.  The Department has held private unaccompanied burial ceremonies in the past.  However, in response to related legislation passed last year in the Maryland General Assembly, MDVA is now inviting the public to attend.

“Our veterans serve as a reminder of the immeasurable cost of war,” said Governor Larry Hogan.  “Offering dignified burial ceremonies for those who have served, especially veterans who are unaccompanied, ensures proper respect is paid to the brave men and women who have served this nation.”

“The Department has a moral obligation to provide a dignified final resting place for our veterans,” said Secretary George Owings, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs. “We are thankful to the Maryland Anatomy Board for their partnership and for ensuring these heroes are given the honors they deserve.”

Veterans to be interred at Crownsville Veterans Cemetery:
Airman Thomas D Murphy, US Navy, Served 3/28/1963-1/13/67
Specialist Dwayne S. Williams, US Army, Served 4/19/1984-2/25/1987
Petty Officer 2nd Class Davis L Hooper, US Navy, Served 6/17/1966-2/27/1970
Seaman Fritz G Summerlin Jr, US Navy, Served 12/8/1955-9/17/1957
Private 1st Class Albert R Schuster, US Army, Served 12/15/1945-7/5/1947
Yeoman 3rd Class Frank Pisani, US Navy, Served 5/8/1944-6/22/1945
Sergeant Vincent P Bush, US Air Force, Served 5/28/1967-5/26/1971
Specialist Nicholas S. O’Leair, US Army, Served 4/17/1981-10/11/1984
Specialist George W. Roache Jr, US Army National Guard, Served 12/14/1995-8/26/1996

Veterans to be interred at Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery:
Seaman Gregory Jackson, US Coast Guard, Served 2/16/1970-2/15/1974
Private Sylvester Wooden, US Army, Served 3/9/1945-10/22/1946
Fireman Ralph Eugene Ford, US Navy, Served 11/30/1955-10/30/1957
Private 1st Class Dave Rykie Agenes, US Marine Corps, Served 7/30/1963-7/28/1967
Staff Sergeant A Richard Marler, US Air Force, Served 3/23/1970-3/21/1974
Specialist Lawrence William Moore, US Army, Served 6/10/1959-5/22/1962
Specialist/Fireman Joseph Leo Retrossi, US Army, Served 11/18/1970-9/4/1973; US Navy, Served 1/27/1977-4/25/1977

All are welcome to attend the two ceremonies.  Both will include an honor guard and brief remarks by Department personnel.  In attendance will be a number of veteran service organizations.  The events will take place rain or shine, standing room only, with limited parking.  For more information, please call 410-923-6981.


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