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Open Letter Regarding Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

An open letter on the status of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Operations

April 21, 2020

From:    George W. Owings III, Secretary Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA)
Russell Keogler, Administrator Charlotte Hall Veterans Home (Home)

An open letter to our veterans, family members, and State of Maryland, on how the Department and HMR Veterans Services are managing the impact of COVID19 at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.

We are living in unprecedented times.  Our State and Nation are in the midst of a worldwide health pandemic affecting countless lives, families and communities.  Early on, as the Nation saw its first cases of COVID19, Governor Hogan responded.  The Governor was at the forefront with executive orders to mitigate spread of the virus.  As the number of Maryland cases grew, MDVA and Charlotte Hall Veterans Home adjusted operations to mitigate the spread as well.

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is more than just an assisted living and skilled nursing home, it is a community.  It is a community where veterans and spouses heal, live, and thrive.  The Home is also a community for the hundreds of staff and volunteers entering its doors daily to serve those who served.  The Home is a place we safeguard and one we will preserve.

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID19, the Home has put into place the following changes to operations.  Most, if not all, state office buildings are closed to the public and employees are remotely working.  Visiting hours at the Home are suspended and activities canceled.  Entry to the home is restricted to the D wing and main entrances.  Residents are dining in their rooms with meals being prepared in the main kitchen.

The Home is adhering to health department directives and has adjusted care protocol.  Isolation precautions are in place for residents experiencing COVID19 and other contagion symptoms, to include cohorting and adhering to PPE requirements.  Family members continue to receive updates to Home operations.  In addition, they are advised of the status of any positive COVID19 cases.

MDVA and HMR Veterans Services, along with the St. Mary’s Health Department, are working together to mitigate spread and to protect the health of the community we call Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.  To remain informed of any changes, please check the COVID-19 Information Line at 301-290-3077 or to speak with someone directly, please call Russell Keogler, Administrator, Charlotte Hall Veterans Home at 301-884-8171, ext. 405.



George W. Owings, III, Secretary, MDVA
Russell Keogler, Administrator, Charlotte Hall Veterans Home











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