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Veterans Home Commission

The Maryland Veterans Home Commission was created in 1975 to provide a home for veterans in Maryland. In 1999, the Commission became part of the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs. The Commission advises the Department on issues relating to Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, the only State veterans home.  Charlotte Hall Veterans Home is located in St. Mary’s County.

The Commission has fourteen members. Eleven are named to five-year terms by the Governor with Senate advice and consent, three serve ex officio.

Commission Members:

Brig. Gen. Warner I. Sumpter USA (RET), Chair, Commission expires June 2021
Gary Knight, Vice-Chair & Secretary, Commission expires June 2022
Katie Smith, Commission expires June 2024
Lt. Col. Glynn E. Parker USA (RET), Commission expires June 2024
Jason E. Franklin, Commission expires June 2021
Thomas L. Davis, Commission expires June 2022
Maj. Gen. Andrew H. Anderson, U.S.A. (RET), Commission expires 2022
Gloria J. Larman, Commission expires 2023
LTC Rod Azama, USA (RET), Commission expires June 2022
Stephen L. Clagett, Jr., Commission expires June 2021

Ex officio:

George W. Owings, III, Secretary, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, designee of the Governor, Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr.
Vacant, designee of the President of the Senate
John F. Wood, Jr., Delegate, designee of the Speaker of the House of Delegates


Michelle Cariaso, Director, Veterans Home Program 301-884-8171

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