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Are you struggling financially? The MD Veterans Trust Fund may be able to help.

Overview of Maryland Veterans Trust Fund
The Maryland Veterans Trust Fund is a 501c3 organization designed to assist with non-emergency, temporary financial challenges facing veterans or widows/widowers of veterans.  The fund’s design cannot support chronic, long term financial hardship.  It is mostly used to assist with rent/mortgage payments and utility bills.  The trust cannot assist with taxes, child support, speeding tickets, legal fees, payday and interpersonal loans, credit card debt, home repairs, food, appliances, and vehicle purchases.  Grant awards are provided directly to the landlord, mortgage company, utility company, etc.
The Trust Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees which is chaired by the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Veteran Affairs.  The Trust Fund Grant Administrator completes a brief interview with each veteran/widow/widower before submitting applications for review.  A review committee convenes as applications are ready and, based on information supplied in the application, approves or denies requests for assistance. 
The Trust Fund receives donations from community partners and private individuals.  It also receives funding through Maryland based veteran service organization casino slot revenue.
Denise Nowlin, Administrator
16 Francis Street
Annapolis, MD 21401


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