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Staff Directory

General Contact

Maryland Veterans Info

The Wineland Building, 4th Floor
16 Francis Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-260-3838
Toll Free: 866-793-1577
Fax: 410-216-7928
Hours: 8:00 to 4:30

PLEASE NOTE: There are no veteran benefits specialists at the 16 Francis Street/Annapolis location for the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs.  If you need to meet with a service officer or need paperwork signed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, please contact our service program at 800-446-4926, ext. 6450.   If you have questions about VA benefits, please contact our service program or call 410-260-3838.

Office of the Secretary

Anthony Woods, Secretary
Ross Cohen, Deputy Secretary

Peter Pantzer, Chief of Staff

Andrew Libraty, Deputy Chief of Staff

Alayna Charland, Director, Finance & Administration

Morgan Murphy, Director, Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs

Vacant, Maryland Veterans Trust Fund Grant Administrator

Communications, Outreach, & Advocacy Program

Dana Burl, Director

Denise NooeDeputy Director

Roslyn Jones, Women Veterans/Inclusion Program Manager

16 Francis Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-260-3842, 410-260-3840
Toll Free: 866-793-1577
Fax: 410-216-7928

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Program

COL John Lombardi, U.S. Army, Retired, Director

Rodney Jones, Deputy Director

29449 Charlotte Hall Road
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622
Phone: 301-884-8171
Toll Free:  800-522-8387
Fax: 301-884-8036

Veterans Cemetery & Memorial Programs

Russell Ware, Director
1122 Sunrise Beach Road
Crownsville, Maryland. 21032
Office: 410-923-6981
Fax: 410-987-3920

Keith Brown, Superintendent, Memorial Program

2825 South Hanover Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21225
Office: 410-354-3550
Fax: 410-354-6558

Veterans Service & Benefits Program

Phil Munley, Director

Gerard (Gerry) Taylor, Deputy Director

Chief, Veterans Appeals

Federal Building, Room 3020
31 Hopkins Plaza
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-230-4444
Toll Free: 800-446-4926
Fax: 410-230-4445